Songwriter, Multi Instrumentalist, Recording Artist
I'm Pete Murphy, a songwriter, multi instrumentalist, and recording artist from Birmingham, England. I don't really have a style or genre. I love to experiment and try new things, whether I'm creating pop music, rock, jazz, techno / electronic, avant garde, lo-fi, or funk. I have released 16 solo albums since 2017, plus a handful of EP's and singles. I also make music for TV and film, and have had my songs used in shows such as The Voice (USA), Who Killed Jane Doe, Pawn Stars, and more.

September 7th 2019.

I have just released my latest album, 'Una'. It's an instrumental solo piano album written for my friend Una McCoy. You can find it on my Bandcamp page (click on the 'bc' icon at the top of this page).

August 28th 2019.

I'm  currently working on a new album called 'Bricolage'.

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